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the ass-end of a rabbit

The first time I ate rabbit was in Germany. I was fifteen and on school exchange in Gottingen. We went out to a warm, dark restaurant and I ordered the rabbit because it seemed unusual. It was rump, and it tasted like rump. In fact it tasted exactly like the ass-end of a rabbit and I didn't enjoy it much.

Today I was reading Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries cookbook and encountered a recipe for rabbit. Not far from my little house is an Italian grocer, and next door is an Italian butcher. I knew he'd have rabbit - he has everything.

I had all the ingredients for Nigel's recipe: rabbit, tarragon, onion, white wine and cream is added at the end. Then I spoke to the butcher himself, who said you can't go wrong with red wine, tomatoes, garlic and basil.

Never one to choose a single option when there is room for two, I made them both.

Both are fantastic! I quite impressed with myself.

Excuse me, it's dinner time, I must go.


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