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it'll defy all logic

First ride on my new road bike, a Giant Defy 2 (2014). It was SO much easier than kicking along on my old hybrid. Felt like I hardly had to work at all, most of the way.

So...why did it take me the same amount of time to get home, while burning the most calories I have ever burnt, with the highest heart rate I've had since I was in my early 20s??

I don't know! Maybe the sea breeze was harder. Maybe I'm just out of form (it is the first time I have ridden home against the sea breeze this year). Maybe it was because it was so hot. Maybe I pushed myself too hard passing a guy along the freeway - twice! (He took off past me again both times - obviously doesn't like being beaten by a girl. I laughed and figured if he needs to pass me to feel like a big stwong boy then he can have it, because all I was doing was seeing how fast my new bike can go.) I usually pace myself along there but didn't bother today.

I suppose I was also a lot more cautious, given that I was clipp…

la via scura

There are two paths ahead. (Only two?)

Do you take the path of never knowing?


You step onto the wide, green, sweet smelling path that is lined with flowers and water.

Nourishing, beautiful, wide enough to spread your arms. It ambles away into the distance becoming steadily darker, less certain, leading you slowly towards a jagged cliff face and nowhere to turn back. You know this, but still you move forward, for you can see an exit just up ahead, open and safe and clear.

Past lessons tell you that it will not be so clear by the time you arrive. It will be overgrown, lined with brambles and thorns, branches that scratch at your eyes and heart and whip your legs until they are almost too weak to carry you forward. A hard path to walk. A high price to pay.

But you'll walk it with such strength and love and light in your heart, such jubilation at your bravery and memories so feather-light that you are sure they will lift you through the thorns and sail you into the clouds long en…