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Really Really Free Market Perth

A typical Perth afternoon, sunshine and light breeze, grass dapple-patterned under huge Morton Bay Fig trees. The south west corner of Hyde Park was a hippy's paradise, with everything there for free.

The idea behind the free market is to foster a community of swapping, giving, helping each other out. It has that usual vibe you encounter at such events, of everyone being welcome, but vegetarians, vegans and those with incense-scented dreadlocks being the preferred clientele. But no matter, smiles were friendly and conversations with strangers were easily started and effortlessly continued.

The stage hosted several talks and discussions on whatever topics people wanted to raise. There was an hour or so of bongo drumming, various people coming and going, jamming together. Face painting took up one corner and clothes, books, zines and knick knacks jostled for prime viewing positions. There were even Popamatic Stress Relief Sheets... rebranded bubble wrap!

The best part was, as always, t…