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da questa parte

Time for a new direction, because I have been too prescriptive in my topics for this blog so it's a big undertaking to post so I don't.

From now on, the truth. The things that catch my eye, with or without the long description.

We shall begin with a centuries-old death.

"Yet," said Crito, "the sun is still upon the hilltops, and I know that many a one has taken the draught late, and after the announcement has been made to him,
he has eaten and drunk, and enjoyed the society of his beloved; do not hurry - there is time enough."Socrates said: "Yes, Crito, and they of whom you speak are right in so acting, for they think that they will be gainers by the delay; but I am right in not following their example, for I do not think that I should gain anything by drinking the poison a little later; I should only be ridiculous in my own eyes for sparing and saving a life which is already forfeit. Please then to do as I say, and not to refuse me."